Stay or go somewhere far away!
Aug18. Haven’t put down what’s bothering me for this week.

Woke up early cos’ I didn’t want to continue the same dream I had for past few days which it’s pissed me off. I thought it was a new day so everything between me &him would be different after what I said to him but it’s not going anywhere so I told myself I’m not gonna be talking to him after today even tho’ I talk to him for a while but I should not have talk to him cos’ it seems like he don’t want to talk to me. &this is not worth being mad about it cos’ he’s not important to me anymore. After I played on my itouch, I saw the time and went out to go meet up Shirley W &Wendy H. @Metreon. We talked, prayed and read the bible and then after we went to go eat lunch. After lunch, Shirley W &I went to Japantown to eat crepe and after that we went to go office depot and see what they have on sale and we both went home after. What a day &I just notice that I didn’t think about those negative things which I should have forgotten in the first place &leave it in the past but now today is the real day that I will only remember what I should and forget about those people who lied to me over &over and thinks that they didn’t do anything wrong. 

Aug 18, 2012!<3 Thanks to Shirley &Wendy for the best day!(= 


I remember when he was 14 (‘:

Mistakes are made. Lessons are learned. Life goes on.
If only we could start things from the beginning once again.